Who Me? A literary Grandma Moses?

“Congratulations! A literary Grandma Moses!” my first cousin, Shirley, quipped when I posted the news on Facebook that The Globe and Mail planned to publish the personal essay I had submitted. I scoffed at her comment. Then I did some sleuthing about the later-in-life painting sensation, Grandma Moses, and got a little creeped out.
wilda bostwick

  • Obviously, she was a grandma. So am I.
  • She grew up in a rural community. So did I.
  • Her paintings depicted farm life as she remembered it growing up. That’s funny. Many stories that came to light when I started to write memoirs are about my childhood on a farm.
  • She was in her seventies when her work appeared in public for the first time. Ditto.
  • She wasn’t part of the artistic scene of the day. I haven’t taken much interest in literary matters throughout my life.
  • She was healthy in her old age and lived to be 101. Good for her. That’s my goal, too.

Do you get why I was a bit taken aback by the parallels? 

I do remember loving one of the few books I had as a child, The Little Engine That Could. Perhaps I will make something of this crazy idea that at least some people will clamor to read what I write. I think I can. I think I can. 


2 thoughts on “Who Me? A literary Grandma Moses?

  1. Sheila Cook

    Hi Wilda,
    You using the phrase “creeped out” makes me smile. I see you moving along anyway, unfazed as the eerie moment passes.
    you go, girlfriend!

  2. Wilda Post author

    Thanks, Sheila! I appreciate your feedback on how things are unfolding. Thank goodness eerie moments can pass.


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