Whistler Beckons

“When your sister comes out to visit you in Vancouver, I want you both to be my guests at the ski cabin in Whistler my husband and I built when our kids were small.” This was a kind offer from a recently-widowed friend, Sylvia, who grew up in our farm community and has lived in North Vancouver most of her adult life.

I can’t believe that I didn’t jump on it immediately. For the past two years, I’ve focused on settling and grounding myself in my new community. I’ve found several interesting activities that are helping me build a social network to complement family time.

Skiing isn’t one of those activities. Gross motor coordination is not my strongest suit. I’ve seen lots of people on crutches from skiing accidents and have no desire to master the art of using crutches. I’m sure I would suck at it.

But I knew Whistler wasn’t just about skiing. I had learned that the Audain Art Museum had opened there within the past year. Sylvia assured us she could take us there.

I found a small window in my calendar, consulted with my sister, and agreed we would go up to Whistler from Friday morning until Saturday evening. It’s almost a two hour shuttle ride each way, so having a place to stay overnight makes the trip more worthwhile.

Friday was a grey, drizzly day, but that didn’t matter in the art gallery. We saw some of the exhibits, had lunch in town, and then went back to take in the rest before heading to Sylvia’s cozy cabin, bigger but similar to the one pictured above, sans Christmas lights.

On Saturday the sun came out. We took a walk to admire Green Lake and the surrounding mountains covered in snow. The scenery was breathtaking.

Around noon, we headed in to town to visit the Squamish & Lil-wat Cultural Centre (SLCC), built and staffed by the two main First Nations groups in that area. I found it even more interesting than the Audain Art Museum. I bought an annual membership in the SLCC. That means I can get in free when I return to Whistler over the coming year and my guests will get in for half price.

There’s a fine line between being settled and being stuck. Enough of being stuck!!


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