Watching My Step

I am fortunate because a couple of express buses stop near my home. I’ve used one of them often enough that I am confident I know the drill. That fact almost got me into trouble last week.

My stop was coming up. I made my way to the exit in lots of time and started to enjoy the scenery, a fantasy, a memory…. Suddenly, I became aware that the bus was rounding the corner where it turns after my stop.

“Why didn’t you stop?” I shouted to the driver.

“Why didn’t you get off?” he responded.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was daydreaming.”

He must have been feeling kind, as he pulled over to let me off at a stop around the corner that other buses use.

“Thank you!” I called out, red-faced.

This past weekend, I attended a silent retreat. A favourite activity to help me access my inner wisdom was making collages. As I leafed through pictures from magazines and calendars that spoke to me, this quote by Ekhart Tolle asked me to bring it home.

“Your entire life journey ultimately consist of the step you are taking at the moment. There is always only this one step, and so you give it your fullest attention.”

I need to commit this quote to heart. I need to follow its advice. For philosophical and practical reasons.

It was lucky I didn’t have to make a kilometer-long hike home from the next scheduled stop. The day had been long enough.


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