Truths Two Photos Expose

I’ve started to sort through old photographs — a process that could consume most of 2018 if I don’t put boundaries around it. I have a hunch the project will inspire more blog entries than this one.

I took this favourite childhood photograph with me to the photo shoot for my website in the summer of 2016. I suggested we try a re-enactment with my laptop computer in place of the textbook for my “About Wilda” page.

The school photograph was taken when I was about eight years old, judging by the fact my adult front teeth were in and I could still wear the sweater my mother knit for me when I was six. To his credit, the photographer managed to capture a spark that got me through some times of turmoil in the more than six decades that have elapsed since it was taken.

My smile in the picture belies the fact I was embarrassed that the patterns and colours in my outfit didn’t match. The sweater had red and white stripes. The dress my mother had smocked for me was tan and white window-pane print. The collars competed with each other. Ugh. I longed for the day when I could pick out clothes for myself.

Fast forward.

wilda bostwickThe jungle print blouse in this picture makes me laugh. I have finally accepted my tendency to test the boundaries as part of who I am. That trait drove my mother up the wall. I’m sure she had no idea when she chose the name, Wilda, that it means “the untamed.” Bless her. The high neckline and Peter Pan collar are both a tip of the hat to her taste.

When we were shooting the recent photos, the photographer’s assistant noticed that my bangs were thinner on one side than the other. I combed them, and we tried again, with little improvement. Then she recognized that they were thinner on the same side in the childhood photo. We both laughed.

“Let it be,” I said.

If you read last week’s blog, you know the backstory on that one.


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