The Ludicrous Library

I invited my sister, Rosalene Sallmen, to be my guest blogger this week. I enjoyed a piece she wrote for her church newsletter and wanted to share it with you. Hint to one of the questions. She was under the weather for a while in January.

Enjoy “Ludicrous Library.”

Who was the sadist who painted the original picture for the jigsaw puzzle “Ludicrous Library” which is available for borrowing in our not-so-ludicrous church library?

And who was the sadist who saw fit to put this puzzle in our church library?

And who was the masochist who spent her days in sick bay in January putting that puzzle together?

Of course, I jest!  This painting, so intricate in detail, is the funniest picture of a library I’ve ever seen.  In every nook and cranny, there’s a hidden surprise which suggests there’s great mischief afoot in this library especially when no “one” is around.  Books askew, the odd empty bottle strewn about, gnomes up to no good and stairs to nowhere and dear-knows where.  I hasten to assure you that any similarities between this pictured library and our church library are purely coincidental.

Spreading the pieces out on a card table reminded me of Christmases past when our family tradition was to do a puzzle during the Christmas holidays. My mother and I always raced to be the one to put the last piece in place. What a feeling of satisfaction after hours of “work”, especially if I won! We hadn’t heard about co-operative games in those days.

I conclude that the answer to all of three questions I posed is the same. I don’t mean that one person is responsible for them all but that, in each case, the person is someone who LOVES (in fact may be addicted to) books and/or jigsaw puzzles.  And someone who has a wicked sense of humour.

Any other addicts out there?


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