The Leopard’s Spot

wilda bostwickWhile I lived in Guelph, I used a huge desk I purchased when I ran a small business earlier in my career. The faux granite top was lovely. Sadly, I barely saw it in my home office. The files from my various interests and activities constantly multiplied and covered it.

I left the monster desk behind when I moved to Vancouver, determined that I would get a much smaller desk surface and discipline myself to work on one file at a time. I would keep the rest stored until it was their “turn.”

In my place in Vancouver, a tiny den becomes my guest room when I have an overnight visitor and my office when I am on my own. I purchased a small futon that opens into a single bed for one side and tucked my little TV and its stand in one corner of the other. The desk would go in the area by the window. I figured something sixteen by thirty inches would fit.

When I went shopping, I discovered nobody makes desks that small. So I bought a little table that has a drawer for supplies. I used the table as a desk a few times but became frustrated when files started to accumulate on the futon.

My laptop computer soon found its way to the far end of the dining room table — a piece made of wide reclaimed boards, large enough to accommodate six chairs. The surface provided lots of space for me to eat at the other end.

As I write this blog entry, I survey the piles of files lining the opposite side of my dining room table, each related to a different interest: the community garden, the clown workshop I am promoting later in July, my finances, the vacation I plan to take soon, and the supplies I need for personal correspondence. The space to my left is reserved for my to-do list and my immediate task. The space to my far left was where I ate until recently. It now houses the supplements and pills I intend to sort into containers in preparation for my trip.

Not much has changed since I moved from Guelph. I love to have several projects on the go and ready access to my files.

I plan to eat lunch soon. I’m going to use the little table by the window in the den.


One thought on “The Leopard’s Spot

  1. Rosalene Sallmen

    So glad our kitchen table provided a somewhat adequate spot for your sojourn with us!

    Why don’t furniture stores market their tables by showing the mounds of papers they will hold?! So much more realistic as far as most people’s lives are concerned.


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