Thanks to My Commooonity

Last week’s blog about my being asked to play a cow at the Christmas Eve service for small children prompted several comments, including requests for a photo. I asked a teen who was playing a camel in the drama to take my picture before the service began, and posted the result on Facebook before I went to bed. Please enjoy this blog post, essentially written for me by my creative, loving, zany friends and family.

After I published the blog –

Friend who wins prizes for her humour writing: Do we get to see a pic of you in your Ho-Ho-Holstein get-up??

Sister: You’re making me all e-moo-tional!

Friend of sister and, a writer and lyricist: Will you be using any special moo-sic?

Me: Appropriate Christmas carols will set the mooo-d

Sister: Do you mean, “The cattle are mooing; the poor baby wakes”?

Sister’s friend: Moo-re than likely.

Me: Stop, you guys. I’ll crack up tomorrow…

After I posted the picture –

Son: I hope the performance went sMOOthly.

Friend from work days in Kitchener-Waterloo:
You are a lovely cow (to be read in context)

Friend from church in Guelph: Oh Wilda, I miss seeing the true you, in your fun outfits.

Friend from Guelph Little Theatre days: Hope you have a Dairy Christmas!

Thanks for providing me with a lot of joy this Christmas, folks. This levity was made possible because I said “Yes” in 2016. Yes to writing, yes to sharing my words, and yes to portraying a talking barnyard animal on Christmas Eve. Who kn-ooo?

All the best for 2017. May it bring you many sources of joy and opportunities to say “Yes.”


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