Star Yoga Students Ace Final Pose

One of the first things I learned as a yoga student was the requirement to tune out all distractions in the final pose, savasana. The name literally means corpse pose. The object is to lie on your back without moving, still your mind completely, and release all of the tension that lingers in your body after your hard work.

A recent class was unusually small, with only three students—Laura and I, who had studied yoga for several years, and a relatively new woman I’ll call Jane. After several minutes in savasana, we heard light tapping at the door. I wondered who would be so ignorant as to interrupt a yoga class during savasana. The tapping got more insistent. I wondered why our teacher, Sharmeen, wasn’t taking care of the visitor who obviously had a strong need to get our attention. I figured there must be some kind of emergency and hoped it didn’t have anything to do with my family.

Now totally distracted, I broke the rules and opened my eyes. I was alarmed to see that Sharmeen was missing! Jane had gotten up to investigate, even though she was furthest from the door.

“Thank goodness you came,” Sharmeen exclaimed when Jane opened the door. “I have an appointment right after class so I slipped out to the washroom to change into my street clothes while you were in savasana. I didn’t know the door would lock behind me!”

We congratulated Sharmeen on training us so well to ignore distractions during savasana. All four of us had a good laugh.


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