Solution for Unruly Bangs

At last, I found the solution to a problem that has plagued me all my life – my unruly bangs

They plagued my mother before they plagued me. I have a very strong cowlick on the right side of my forehead that sends the strands along more than an inch of my hairline back at various angles. The style for little girls with straight hair growing up in the 50s was to have a part down the middle and a nice even set of bangs across the forehead. My cowlick made compliance almost impossible. That didn’t stop my mother from trying.

At home, she used a sticky, green liquid called “Wave Set” to get my bangs to go against their natural grain. Out in public, she resorted to moistening her fingers with saliva to readjust my errant bangs, much to my embarrassment. When hairspray was invented, she bought a case.

I’ve continued the assault on my bangs in adult life with each new hair product that came along. When I got the professional photos done for my website, I timed my hair appointment to end fifteen minutes before the photo shoot began to improve the odds my bangs would stay in place for the pictures.

The last time I went for a haircut, I said on impulse, “Why don’t we try parting my hair on the right, and start to grow out my bangs?”

I love the result. Just like not colouring my hair has removed my worry about whether my roots are showing, not having bangs across my forehead relieves me of worry about whether they are out of line.

So why did it take me this long to hit upon a solution that should have been obvious ages ago?

My high forehead is the culprit. I grew up thinking that it and my cowlick were two “flaws” I needed to hide.

Good grief! I need to grow up for real. To get comfortable in my own skin. To accept my features that are unique, without judgement.

In 2018, I look forward to using the time I used to spend fussing about my unruly bangs to focus on things that matter.


2 thoughts on “Solution for Unruly Bangs

  1. Kim McCarthy

    Oh how I can relate to this one! Years of childhood tears and crazy but creative attempts to resolve life with two cowlicks in my bangs!! Yes TWO! This entry made me recall going to bed with masking tape around my head, covered with pantyhose for extra pressure! I would wake, hold my breath as I removed it all and watch with horror as they bounced right back up to where they wanted to be! Now I wear them proudly and dye them purple! Onwards….
    Thanks for the smiles and memories Wilda!

    1. Wilda Post author

      Thanks for sharing how you can relate. It’s great to finally forget about assumed expectations and go with what we’ve got!


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