Scientific Correctness

A couple of weeks ago, Danica, the Minister of Children and Youth at my church, asked if I would take a speaking role in the play for the Christmas Eve service for small children. I was delighted to find out she wanted me to be the cow. As I grew up on a dairy farm, my “Moo” imitation is so real it would almost fool most people.

When we started to discuss wardrobe, Danica suggested I dress in black and white.

“Technically, there wouldn’t have been Holstein cattle in the Palestine in the first century,” I protested mildly.

“True, but the cows couldn’t talk, either,” she countered playfully. “Let’s face it; this whole play is a bit absurd. Let’s just go with it.” Danica is a wise woman.

As I’ve been learning my lines and fine-tuning my wardrobe, I am getting into the spirit of the thing. I can see that it would be easy to miss the point of the story if I allowed myself to be too caught up in scientific correctness.

The story is about hospitality – about making space for others. If I can remind myself of that and pass the idea along to future generations while dressed up like a Holstein cow, so be it.

Mooo-rry Christmas, everyone!


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