Pandemic celebration of a life

As I mulled the future of my blog recently, it dawned on me that I had limited my scope by thinking I needed to include humour in most of the entries to elicit smiles.

When I started to observe what makes me smile, the list of blog-worthy topics expands significantly. Stories that illustrate beauty, creativity, and whimsy are a few that come to mind off the top. Today’s post reflects all three.

I want to share with you a recent body of work by Guelph-based artist Barbara Bryce. The family of a woman, Esther, who died during the pandemic, wanted to create a way of honouring her life since a traditional memorial service would be unsafe.

Esther had an extensive collection of jewellery. Rather than sending it off to an auction or dividing it up to languish in boxes in the homes of her heirs, they decided to send the whole lot to Barbara and ask her to make sun catchers for relatives who wanted something to remember Esther by. And, they asked Barbara to share the work through her website and Facebook presence so that people who had never met Esther (such as me and now you) would learn something about her.

When you are in the mood to experience something beautiful and creative, I invite you to scroll through the gallery Barbara created.

I enjoy my jewellery collection. I’ve made several attempts to pare it down with minimal success. What it lacks in material value, it makes up for in the memories associated with each piece.

I will invite my family to think outside the box around what to do with it when I’m gone like Esther’s family did.

P.S. Barbara is open to commissions. I plan to put a copy of this post in the instructions for my family in case she doesn’t retire before I expire.


One thought on “Pandemic celebration of a life

  1. Rosalene Sallmen

    Finally had time to enjoy your blog. Certainly different; definitely inspiring. I wonder what will become of my jewelry when I’m gone – go for it, sister!


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