Old Haunt Revisited

Recently, I spent a couple of weeks in Ontario, reconnecting with people and places that were part of my life long before I thought of moving to Vancouver. The experience was emotionally rich, a mixture of recalling old memories and discovering new things.

One such encounter occurred when I arrived at the front entrance garden during a stroll around the grounds of the church I attended while I lived in Guelph.

When I volunteered as a gardener there, I used to bemoan the design flaw in the canopy that protected the doorway. Every time it rained, water used to cascade into the half-cedar barrel where we tried to grow geraniums, drowning the flowers and rotting the barrel. The canopy also kept the area shaded for much of the day. Fine for people accessing the door, but a drawback for anyone trying to keep the garden respectable and welcoming.

Now, beside the front door, sits a tidy, utilitarian rain barrel, collecting water for the pots of flowers along the nearby wall where it’s sunny all day. To me, this design change speaks volumes about working with nature and shunning convention. In my mind, a beautiful step in the right direction for an organization that strives to improve the world.

If I had still been there, would I have still been cursing the excess water in that garden? Thank goodness I moved on, providing opportunity for others to see what I viewed as a problem with fresh eyes.

I plan to keep a copy of this photo handy. I hope it will remind me to keep an open mind and go with the flow in new ways.



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