New Years’ Intentions

On January 1, I headed to my storage unit within my condo complex to return a few decorations and search out potting soil for a plant-salvaging operation in progress. I intended to straighten up a few things while I was there.

My unit is a wire mesh cubicle at the far end of a row of similar cages. The storage room contains four such rows, divided in half by a thin wall extending almost to the ceiling. Usually, the place echoes like a deserted mausoleum. This day was different.

As I got to work in my unit, I heard intermittent noises on the other side of the wall. Scrape, plop, shuffle, rustle. “It sounds as if we both have the same idea,” I offered.

“Yeah, I am turning over a new leaf. This is disgusting,” a voice responded.

“There must be something in the air,” I replied as I got back to work.

Why am I feeling such an urge to organize and purge just now? Is it the resolve to change habits that no longer serve that surges in my veins when I hang a new calendar each year? Is it that most of my regular activities have taken a holiday hiatus, leaving more time to notice the dying plants and out-of-date decorations – and to do something about them? Is it my recent exhilaration at discovering a broken tap wasn’t nearly as difficult to repair as I had been led to believe?

While these points are interesting to ponder, they distract me from the task at hand. I am thoroughly enjoying this focus on organization. I think I’d better get back to work while it lasts.


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