My Feet Speak

Today I have given this space over to two guest bloggers. My feet. They want to share their newfound sense of empowerment.

Right Foot: Excuse me, but I need to rant. This summer has been quite a trial. Wilda has been off having a good time in various places, thinking about everything and everybody but me. She’s skipped yoga classes that used to help me stay limber because either she’s been on vacation or the teacher was. When we were out, I’ve spent most of the past three months in sandals that have no strap across the back. I’ve had to curl my toes with every step to be sure the sandals didn’t slide off. Inside, she’s walked me over hardwood and tile floors bare or worn slippers with no support for my arches. I have been aching all over. Finally, I developed a serious corn that pained her with every step.

Left Foot: I hear you. It sounds as if you’ve gotten the worst of it, but I’ve been suffering too. Two of my toes have started to curl under from all that walking in backless sandals.

Right Foot: Well, I’m happy to say she finally started to pay attention. The corn prompted her to make an appointment with a foot care nurse. She sees clients in a shoe store that specializes in fitting people with “problem feet”.

Left Foot: “Problem feet, my foot.” It’s more like “problem owner” in this case. I’m glad the foot care nurse pointed out the errors in her ways.

Right Foot: Yeah, the last ten days have been much better. By the end of the day of the foot care appointment, Wilda had bought a pair of sandals with a strap across the back. That fact they were 50% off because it’s the end of the season appealed to her frugal nature, but at least she bought them. I’ll give her that. Wearing them has brought back the joy of walking places. She also got a pair of soft-soled, supportive shoes to wear around home. On top of that, she bought a spikey little exercise ball to run our soles across when she’s on the computer. Ahhh, relief!

Left Foot: And all because she got treated for that corn you developed. I must remember that in case she forgets.


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