My Double Life

“Aargh!” That’s the cry of the program trying to pigeon-hole me based on my behaviour on the computer.

Several in the comedy class I just completed made jokes about sex and used terms that weren’t part of my vocabulary. If I could remember the word or phrase when I got home, I did a Google search so I’d understand why everyone else found the comments funny. Like I said in last week’s blog, I’m getting “woke.”

In a different aspect of my life, I picked up a heavy-looking extension cord at a thrift store recently and wondered if it was safe for outdoor use. I entered the serial number in the Google search engine.

No extension cords, indoor or outdoor, came to light. Several handguns with serial numbers similar to the item in my hand did.

So, it would appear I’m living a double life. My public image is a benign grandmother who gardens, does yoga, and sings in a choir. These activities make a great cover for my private fascination with porn and pistols.

In case the police are curious, I have never shot, owned, or even wanted a gun.


One thought on “My Double Life

  1. Diane Bruce

    I like all of your blogs, Wilda, but this one is really good. Tickles my funny bone, even though I’d heard it before!


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