Making Someone’s Day

An e-mail I received last week quickened my heartbeat.

Subject: Landscape art piece

“My daughter lives in Guelph, Ontario, and she picked up a piece of art that looks like a northern landscape. She may have purchased it from a second hand store. She thought we might like it for our cottage in Tobermory. Curious mind that I have, I kept searching on line for a Bostwick because of the signature… and your site popped up.

I was wondering if you may be the person that painted this picture?”

My response:

“Wow, you have just made my day!!

It is very probable you have a piece of my art if it’s a pine tree with a lake behind it. It was done when I was in my early twenties—before any art training or lessons.

I lived in Guelph from 2008 to 2014, until the call of my grandchildren brought me to Vancouver. I needed to jettison a lot of belongings, including several pieces of art I donated to Value Village.

As you can see from my website, I’m into writing now….”

Inquirer’s reply:

“Great to hear I found the artist. My daughter will love that…Great to have a story to tell.”

The inquirer lives in Cambridge, Ontario. Both of us are retired grandmothers, similar in age. And both of us love a good story.

It means a lot that she took the trouble to seek me out. I gave her more details like the fact a photograph on a calendar inspired the painting. Experiences of scenery like the picture came later in my life.

I’m glad I gave that painting away. If I had brought it with me, it would likely have languished in my storage locker until I expired. What a joy to know that it has a new life!

Meanwhile, it’s time to pay it forward. I plan to contact Kim McCarthy, the artist who created an abstract art piece I bought in 2009 while I lived in Guelph, and give her my current contact information. I want to let her know I continue to find new meaning in the work she did.

I hope my note will make her day.


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