Life Imitates Art – A Case in Point

Recently, I shared in my blog post, Making Someone’s Day, that I planned to contact the artist who created a piece I bought in 2009. That intention has led to a warm e-mail conversation and reconnection with Kim McCarthy, now based in Stratford, Ontario.

A photo of the work of art, “Incubation,” illustrates this blog post. The gold oval in the lower left represents a seed absorbing nutrients and moisture underground, building strength to send up a shoot.

In my first message, I told her that I had moved since buying “Incubation” and that I continue to be inspired by it.

To explain, I added, “I’ve learned about the significance of the spiral image and notice it appears several places in the piece. My life journey has involved a number of arrivals at similar places but each with a different world view than when I reached the similar spot before.”

I also told her about my current writing focus and referred her to the blog entry that had motivated me to get in touch.

Kim’s response: “You didn’t just make my day, you made my week, probably my month. Hearing eight years later that my work continues to bring you joy and things to ruminate over is a true gift. I continue to use spirals, seeds and bulbs as symbols in my work today.”

I gladly accepted Kim’s offer of a professional shot of “Incubation” because I wanted to share the sacred spiral concept in my blog. I told her that my newest arrival at a similar place is offering to take on a leadership role of a collaborative gardening group that I’ve been part of for a couple of years.

My jaw dropped as I keyed in these words, “I’ve been incubating how and where to use my leadership skills in my new city, and the garden is where I’ve landed. So fitting on so many levels, don’t you think?”

“Incubation” hangs near the chair where I write in my journal, read inspirational things, and spend time in contemplation. How much did that seed inspire me to get growing in my volunteer life, literally!

I think Oscar Wilde was onto something in his quote: “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.”


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