I know. It’s been a while. My most recent blog entry date is May 22, 2020. All the babies conceived that day have been born by now.

So, what am I incubating? Before I answer that, I want to thank artist, Kim McCarthy, for allowing me to use her work, “Incubation,” featuring its evocative pregnant seed, to illustrate this post. Here’s a link to the previous entry where I used it.


During my nine month sabbatical, I have ruminated about the future of my blog. It has been on a back burner, waiting for me to make up my mind. Should I add fresh ingredients, i.e. more posts, or take it off the stove and preserve it as is?

I decided recently that I needed to make a clean break. New activities, especially frequent projects I am asked to submit as part of the SoulGuiding program with Pacific Jubilee I started last October, excite me and use similar skills. For balance, I need to get off my duff and garden, walk, or get out my vacuum.

Preparing the draft, explaining to my readers why I no longer plan to add to the blog, had the flavour of breaking up with a lover because I was already into a relationship with someone else. I felt like a heel and put the question aside.  

After spending an evening perusing the 90 entries to date, I wondered if the intent, to offer a smile or perhaps a new idea, had become too narrow.

Here’s an excerpt from my second draft. “The body of work reminds me of fresh, warm, apple pie. A wonderful thing. But making variations on the same recipe, year after year, can sap a chef’s creative energy.”

The piece read like a eulogy, celebrating a life well lived but oh-ver. I felt sad and put the question aside, again.

As I let my mind wander in my chiropractor’s waiting room a few days later, ideas started to bubble around how I could extend the blog’s life without draining mine. My sadness gave way to excitement.  

I’m learning the value of patience. Of staying open to different outcomes until I’ve found my truth.

I’m still refining the new ideas.

Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Incubation

  1. Rosalene Sallmen

    I’m certainly watching to see what you hatch next! The image that comes to mind is of our mother making a little hole in an egg when she figured it was time for the chick to hatch. Like her, I just can’t wait!


    1. Wilda Post author

      In some ways, I’m as curious as you are, as I don’t have a long list of topics. I just know that my creativity is ba-ack. So I’m confident that new ideas will emerge in due time.

  2. Kim McCarthy

    Oh Wilda,

    How wonderful! I can relate so very much. I strongly believe that creative souls need incubation time!
    Nature reflects this back to us as your gardening soul knows and understands. I’ve been in a similar space, perhaps even deeper with the extra layers of isolation and sitting with ourselves through this past year. As the days get longer and the days are brighter I feel lots of fresh ideas and concepts bubbling up too. They’ve been sending down roots without my full awareness. It sounds like there are fresh, new, varied plants in your idea garden ‘plot’ for writing. I will look forward to witnessing what is sprouting for you!

    Cheers to Spring and New Blossoms,


    ps. thanks for the credit & link on the image


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