If there’s a blink in my blog

shutterstock_244671724Over time, you may notice that I do not post a new entry each and every week. One reason I decided to start a blog is to motivate myself to keep writing personal stories–to notice what is happening within and around me and reflect on those things.

More than once, I’ve started to draft blog content and put it on ice. Sometimes because the topic was mundane and I thought it would not be of interest to a general audience. Other times because the topic revealed something quite personal and might be too interesting to float out there, in all the places “there” could be.

Other times, I wanted to respect the privacy of people who are part of the story. If the person is still alive, I check their comfortable level with having the anecdote made public. Modesty can keep someone from wanting even a positive story told.

Also, an interesting phenomenon has started to occur. Sometimes, a tale I think will make a good blog topic calls me to delve deeper. A few days or weeks later, I may have created a 1500-word essay. For example, a short rant about technology turned into the introduction for an essay entitled, “A Senior’s Plan to Befriend Technology.” I have pitched it to a magazine for retirees. Many periodicals won’t consider articles that have previously been published, even on my website.

If you don’t hear from me, it could be that the idea I had for that time slot high-jacked me and insisted I take it to a destination other than my blog. In this situation, unexpected detours can add a little spice. I am sure you will understand.


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