Focus Failure – Take Two

Note to reader: My friend and guest blogger, Karen Thorpe, wrote this entry and we posted it last week. A technical glitch prevented the link from circulating to subscribers. I have my fingers crossed that the problem is fixed. Please enjoy, “Focus Failure, Take Two.”

Kind of like engine failure for seniors – something in my brain lacks oil or needs to be tightened (or both). I used to be able to multi task happily. I would confess obsessively, even!

Now, however, the evidence is stacking up against that particular ability. I admit that I have burned dry two kettles (caught just in time).

Then, I left my apartment with some beans on low heat, only to come out of a silent meditation with a gasp as the realization dawned on me. I arrived again, just in time!

The latest incident involved missing a meeting that I was passionately interested in and had expressed my commitment to attend. I didn’t pay attention to messages on my cell phone or computer (damn things!) Now, the fact I was looking after my grandchildren did have a part in this. As any grandparent knows, they take both energy and focus – happily I must admit. Then they leave, and I experience engine, focus and energy failure.

Now on top of this, I was going away for a few days on a lovely excursion with my dear friend, Wilda. So coming out of the grandmother gig, I immediately started to focus on the trip and the last minute details of food prep, packing, and errands. When I finally stopped, it was again with a gasp, realizing I’d missed the meeting – on Shindo healing of all things. I sure could have used some at that moment!

Meanwhile, my two friends, Jackson and Wilda, were wondering what had become of me when I didn’t turn up at the meeting. It’s not like me, they both said, not to show up and not to call. Wilda had called and left messages but no response from me.

Early the following morning I was happily gathering fresh greens and herbs from our garden for the trip. Shortly after I went inside, Jackson called rather panicked and asked me to call Wilda right away. I thought something must have happened to her and the trip was off. I called her immediately, and she asked if I had gotten the messages and emails which I had to confess I hadn’t.

It turned out that both friends had theorized that something dire had happened to me and contemplated calling 911! Wilda was preparing to come to my house, expecting to find me in dire distress! Luckily she is a person with a great sense of humour, and when we compared notes we had some good laughs about her disaster scenario and my Focus Failure!


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  1. Rosalene Sallmen

    I enjoyed reading your version of the happening of that special week. Sorry if I giggled a little at your expense!


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