Find in Winter Pyjamas

I noticed sales on winter pyjamas recently and decided to browse a bit. My old ones were ready for retirement.

The selection was picked over. The printed ones featuring blue elephants, wine jokes, or garish plaid were not my taste. The ones in solid colours bored me. Others had such thin fabrics and low necklines I would have risked catching a cold.

“A lot of women nowadays are buying leggings and a tee-shirt for sleeping,” one saleslady offered, gesturing towards her rack of leisurewear.

“Thanks. I’ll think about it,” I responded.

My hands were empty when I left the store, but my mind was full of ideas. I’ve been looking at all my belongings with a critical eye lately, asking them to justify the space they are taking up on my shelves. Some decluttering experts insist that every item one isn’t using must go. Others allow for keeping things that spark joy. I’m a sentimental sort. I am embarrassed to admit how many things make me smile.

Before I got home from my shopping trip, I had decided what my next pair of “pyjamas” was going to be.

The top would be a white, cosy sweatshirt I ordered when I was in the chorus for “Snow White – All Wrong.” This Guelph Little Theatre play was an alternate version of the traditional fairy tale, with three dwarves, not seven. Their caricatures are screen printed across the front of the shirt. I brought the shirt to Vancouver, but it is still almost brand new. It doesn’t fit the vibe on the street, even in a city where it sometimes seems that almost anything goes.

For the bottoms, I pulled out a pair of bamboo leggings that I had not been wearing. I had bought them to go with a top that I decided, after deliberation, looked better with black pants, in the end, pun intended.

I now doze off happily in two items that had been taunting me as they lay dormant.

Maybe the next top will be the red hoodie screen-printed with “Little Red Riding Hood” from a different little theatre play. It makes me smile. I would love a better excuse to keep it, too!


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