Down Memory Lane

Recently, Facebook showed me an item I posted four years ago. It made me smile. I decided to add some details for context and base my blog on it this week.

“My afternoon walk started innocently enough, and I had a great plan. Deliver four flyers about the swing jazz concert on January 26, 2013, at my church – to the River Run box office, the two music stores downtown, and the Bookshelf – and pick up a few organic apples at Stone Store.

The River Run and George Taylor Music along Woolwich Street were a snap.

Those of you who know Guelph will recall that the shortest distance from Woolwich to the Bookshelf is along Douglas. As I was passing the consignment store, “Nothing Useless”, my feet took a short detour on the off chance they might have something that looked like it could have come from the 40s. I was going to emcee the event and wanted to help create the mood of the swing era. Many laughs later, I walked out with a fantastic outfit – a cream drop-waist dress, a dashing scarf and red open toed shoes – all for under $50.

After that, my plan and budget went to pot further, first at the Red Brick Cafe where I stopped for a coffee and tart to bolster my energy and then around the corner to the ladies’ lingerie shop, Viciannes. I needed proper underpinnings for the outfit to camouflage the results of too many previous tarts from the Red Brick.

I got back on track at the Bookshelf and managed to buy the apples at Stone Store as well as some environmentally-friendly red polish for my toenails on the big night.

As an unexpected bonus, “Nothing Useless” had offered to display a poster. Who was I to argue? Their vintage dresses are half price these days. Someone might buy one and become inspired to kick up their heels at the concert.

Guelph Music on Carden will have to get their poster another day.”

Thank you, Facebook, for preserving this little vignette. It was obvious four years ago I enjoyed telling a story.

What clues to the future will I notice when I reflect on the material I am writing these days in four years? I wonder.


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