Direction Shift

This week, I revamped my website in sync with the path my love of writing is headed – one that surprises even me.

I created the website initially to give me credibility as a writer in the eyes of editors who were considering my work. It featured a Home page, About Wilda, Stories, Blog, and Contact. I wrote and launched it after I heard that an editor had decided to publish the first personal essay I submitted. Buoyed by this early success, I planned to offer more of my stories to various publications. My Blog started as a way to hone my craft and build a readership while I searched for outlets for my “real” work.

In the sixteen months since that version took shape, I’ve learned what legions of writers have discovered before me. Finding a market for one’s writing is harder for most of us than creating it. I found few publications whose criteria fit what I had written. It was time-consuming to modify my stories in the vain hope of creating something that matched. Not hearing back from editors after I’d done cartwheels to provide what I thought they wanted started to dampen my enthusiasm. At my age, cartwheels are ill-advised.

Meanwhile, I noticed that I come alive while writing my blog. The immediacy of it, both in getting the writing out there and in receiving feedback, feeds my spirit. And the stand-up comedy I’ve started to write and deliver nourishes it even more. The medium is richer. It uses words and also facial expression, tone of voice, and body language. The feedback is instantaneous on the stage.

So bye-bye to trying to impress editors. My writing isn’t about finding public acclaim. It’s about finding my own truth in the process. The joy of sharing finished pieces with folks who enjoy them motivates me to keep going.

In the new format, the Stories are gone and the Blog appears immediately after the new Home page. I’ve added a page for Stand-Up. About Wilda is now presented in interview style — a conversation with a visitor who is curious about what makes me tick.

The Contact section remains unchanged. So does my appreciation of feedback. I’d love to hear yours.

If the past predicts the future, I’ll find more topics to blog about in the new year.

Have a wonderful, blessed, holiday season.


2 thoughts on “Direction Shift

  1. Kim McCarthy

    Awesome! Applause, applause, applause. I think it’s marvellous that we can keep reinventing ourselves and revising our websites to demonstrate our evolution. Feedback is always marvellous and where and how it comes to us is often a surprise. Just keep putting yourself out there for the world to enjoy Wilda! Thanks for being you. I love your spirit, your enthusiasm, humour, perseverance and creativity.


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