Coming full circle

I noticed the pictured lantern in someone’s recycling as I walked my grandchildren to school one October day. On my way back to my car, I picked it up furtively, berating and congratulating myself for my inability to let things go to waste.

My local thrift store displayed similar items, shiny and appearing brand new, for $3.99 each. But they didn’t appeal to me as much as the weathered one I had taken home, biding its time on my kitchen counter.

I wiped it with a damp cloth. Over time, I may find a way to either remove the fly specks or conceal them. I may cover the bottom so that the rusty bits don’t scratch fine furniture. For now, the lantern is coming in handy, as is.

It brightens my dining room table over a Christmas season I’m spending mainly in solitude due to the rising threat of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

It provides a windbreak for the candle I light outdoors to create “holy space” in a secluded corner of a garden. That’s where I offer monthly spiritual accompaniment for a young woman as part of my practicum for my SoulGuiding program.

It reminds me that, despite my age and imperfections, or maybe partly because of them, I can protect my own light and the light of others.

Last spring, I discerned that I could keep my blog going if I broadened the topics and attempted to post only once per month. That worked until the SoulGuiding program and aspects of my personal life started to beckon for more of my attention in August.

They continue to call. The program requirements for 2022 provide many questions that will invite me to delve deeper.

One is “How will I use my recently expanded skill base after the program draws to a close in December?” Will a blog be part of that plan? I’m learning to surrender to the process and avoid predictions.

This post may be the last entry to a series that has run, walked, and hobbled since the fall of 2016. It seems fitting that I’ve come full circle back to the topic of candles and light.

Thank you for reading my blog. Your loyalty and feedback have bolstered my conviction that I have something to offer. This vote of confidence means more than you will ever know.


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