Another Clown Moment

shutterstock_409402111Recently, I posted a story under Adulthood in the menu under Stories. I invite you to check out, “Close Call at Closing Time.” It describes an incident that happened when I was about 40 and embarrassed my children greatly. That day, I had what I have since learned to call a “clown moment”.

I know a few weirdos have given clowns a bad rap lately so I’d like to explain what I mean by that phrase. Like a genuine funny clown is prone to do, I became so focused on one thing that I failed to notice the reality that was obvious to everyone but me.

If I ever outgrow having clown moments, my life won’t be nearly as entertaining.


One thought on “Another Clown Moment

  1. karen

    I had missed a required field – to do with subtraction – perhaps I need a clown nose for myself.
    Blessings Karen


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