After the Ball

shutterstock_384316612Fewer than three weeks elapsed from the time I received the date a personal essay I had submitted would appear in print and the moment I had it in my hands. I sprang into action. Among other things, I prepared copy for a website, updated my hairstyle, attended a photo shoot, planned a party for the evening of publication, assembled party favours, and captured stories that came to me along the way. I had a ball.

My business communication training told me I should plan out in detail what to do after the “launch.” I did. I planned to keep my calendar as clear as possible and catch my breath for a few weeks. I needed space to contemplate next steps.

That is not the plan a go-getter intent on setting the literary world on fire would likely have devised. But it felt right for a person interested in living a balanced life.

My emerging plan includes sharing short reflections on recent life events through my blog. Since I have just begun to identify myself as a writer, the first few posts will focus on topics associated with that. Other aspects of my life will inevitably become blog fodder later. Not all of my readers will be interested in writing. I have found that most people are interested in living, though.

You are welcome to follow my blog to savour the various concoctions that I am sure will emerge from my cerebral kitchen. Please fill out the subscription form in the right margin if you would like to receive each new sample by e-mail (weekly or less often) when it is ready.

Now, excuse me while I don my apron. Bon appetit!


3 thoughts on “After the Ball

  1. Shelley Goetze O'Connor

    I look forward to reading your stories and everything you have to share. Keep writing. You are Inspiring Wilda.
    Shelley 🙂


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