Are you looking for a smile or perhaps a new idea? Today may be your lucky day.

This website is a labour of love. It’s a way to pass along things I learn as I navigate life. You may find that some of my ideas spark new ones for you. That’s my hope!


When I get an insight that amuses or surprises me, I consider whether it’s something others might enjoy. If so, and I can boil it down to 400 words or fewer, it winds up on my blog. That’s happened more than 60 times since the summer of 2016.


Stand-up comedy is a recent venture. I’m having a blast trying it.

About Wilda 

This page focuses on some of the influences that propel my work — if you can call it work when I have so much fun doing it.


Here’s where you can ask questions or comment on what you’ve seen on my website. I look forward to hearing from you.